Online Marketing Orange County California

By Pat Smith

Online marketing Orange County California is essential for companies to reach the 3 million plus residents of this multi-cultural area. Not only is Orange County home to numerous Fortune 500 companies, it is also a mecca for entrepreneurs and Internet businesses.

An exciting aspect of online marketing Orange County California is the number of strategies that can be implemented. Cities located within the area tend to attract residents who are techno-savvy and well-versed in using the Internet.

Residents depend on search engines to provide them with driving directions, assist with locating local businesses, and locate consumer reviews of establishments such as restaurants, car dealerships, and retailers.

In order to be found on search engines, Orange County businesses need to incorporate a variety of online marketing strategies. Some of the most popular include social media marketing, mobile marketing, online videos, podcasts, email and e-book marketing, and link building.

To fully engage with these strategies, companies should have a SEO-friendly website that is easy to navigate and easily viewed on a variety of browsers including mobile phones. As more people begin using Smartphones they are abandoning desktops and laptops. Sluggish websites plastered with banner ads and laden with graphics bog down cell phones and can cause visitors to click away.

It is important to begin learning about mobile marketing now because within the next 12 months this venue is certain to explode. Los Angeles has one of the highest levels of cell phone subscribers in the nation. In fact, more LA residents use mobile phones than landlines. Understanding the needs and wants of this market can help companies expand their customer base and dominate competitors.

One way to reach cell phone subscribers is to incorporate local listings into the current marketing plan. Local listings are published via search engine friendly directories. They provide contact information, location and driving directions to the business.

A benefit of publishing via local listing directories is each provides an inbound link to company websites. This strategy is known as link building online and provides opportunity to improve search rankings.

Another popular Internet marketing strategy is that of online videos. It only seems appropriate for Orange County businesses to embrace this method since L.A. is home to Hollywood. Business owners can tap into an abundance of talent in this region of the U.S. Not only does L.A. offer several topnotch film making schools, there is an abundance of actors eager and willing to work.

This region, more than any other, grants business owners the opportunity to engage in online video marketing practices that are superior to most. Companies can work with talent scouts to find affordable actors for live action videos. They can hire students from the Los Angeles Film School or Columbia College Hollywood or work with a variety of locally-based online advertising agencies. The talent pool is endless in Orange County and companies can reap rewards at affordable prices.

Embracing social media marketing is a given for Orange County California based businesses. After all, social media giant, Facebook, has offices headquartered in Palo Alto. Although Palo Alto is in central west California, it only seems appropriate to include Facebook social marketing in SoCal businesses.

There is unlimited opportunity to interact with potential and current customers using social media. Whether creating a Facebook business page, sending out messages via Twitter, or participating in social bookmarking, this venue is a powerful advertising tool that becomes more popular each day.

Due to the multitude of options it can be beneficial to work with an online media marketing consultant to determine which are best suited for the business. At Online Marketing DNA, we offer social media marketing consultations, online marketing packages, and personal business coaching to help companies of all sizes succeed.

Our proven system incorporates dominant Internet marketing techniques known to deliver results. Online marketing Orange County California has never been easier. All that is required to get started is a phone call to discuss your marketing needs. Due to the fact that we work closely with each client, space is limited so don't procrastinate and call us today.