Social Media Marketing Orange County California

By Pat Smith

Social media marketing Orange County California is a strategy that few businesses can afford to ignore. One of the largest counties in southern California, Orange County encompasses 34 cities from Aliso Viejo to Yorba Linda and consists of 798 square miles.

Those who participate in social media marketing Orange County California have opportunity to reach numerous Fortune 500 companies including computer and automobile manufacturers, fashion designers, healthcare groups, and insurance companies.

Social media marketing has become a revolution amongst Internet marketers and embraces dozens of advertising strategies. Some of the most popular include: article marketing, banner promotions, e-book marketing, email marketing, link building online, local listings and maps, social bookmarking, online videos, audio podcasts, and mobile marketing.

No one is capable of embracing all social media marketing strategies without developing a solid marketing plan and having a dedicated team onboard. Many companies source out social media tasks to marketing agencies in order to fully capitalize on the power of these strategies.

Working with an online marketing company not only frees up business owners to work on other aspects of business management, it also helps reduce marketing costs. Management teams often shy away from entering into social media because of time and budgeting constraints.

A benefit of working with online marketing professionals is they are already proficient in these tasks and do not have to be trained. Instead, they produce high-quality advertising collateral for less than the cost of training employees to learn each skillset.

While social media marketing can be beneficial for any business, it is nearly prerequisite for Orange County California companies. Competition is fierce in this part of the nation and everyone wants their piece of the pie. The only way to stay abreast of competitors is by embracing numerous online marketing strategies.

Not so long ago, businesses relied primarily on websites to showcase products and provide company information. Today, nearly every Fortune 500 company uses Facebook business pages and Twitter to share marketing messages and interact with consumers. These tools provide an intimate way to reach out to consumers while building brand awareness.

There is an art to using social media. Not only do companies need to understand how to write SEO-rich messages, they also need to understand what time of day to send messages, how to respond to customer interactions, and how often to send advertisements.

Another arena that is about to explode is that of mobile marketing. This strategy provides companies with the power to reach unlimited number of consumers. However, to fully capitalize on the power of this advertising medium requires specific knowledge.

In addition to learning how to obtain opt-in subscribers, companies must comply with FTC regulations, and understand how to create ads that can be viewed easily on handheld devices.

Small business owners often find it beneficial to enroll in a marketing training course focused on each strategy. Taking time to learn proper uses of each advertising method can reduce time spent developing and implementing ad campaigns.

Companies that do not have the time or resources to fully embrace all available strategies should consider working with an online media marketing consultant. These professionals can review current business and marketing plans to determine overall goals to determine which strategies provide the best return on investment.

At Online Marketing DNA we help companies sort through the confusion of social media marketing. Our home office is based in Orange County California and we understand the special needs of SoCal companies.

In addition to providing customized marketing packages, we also offer personal business coaching to ensure business owners reach their full potential. What sets us apart from other online marketing companies is we work side-by-side with clients and provide step-by-step directives to help companies dominate their niche.

Due to the intimate nature of our work, we can only work with a few companies at a time. This ensures our customers receive our full attention. If you are ready to embrace social media marketing Orange County California, we invite you to contact us today to discuss your needs and develop a plan. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.