SEO Service Company Bellingham Washington

By Pat Smith

Hiring an SEO service company Bellingham Washington is a smart decision for local companies ready to dominate their niche. Everything in the online world revolves around search engine optimization. Without it, websites and marketing campaigns will not be indexed via search engine directories.

It's best to hire an SEO service company Bellingham Washington that is familiar with this Northwest region of the state. Bellingham is home to a diverse mix of residents ranging from college students to families and retirees. Thousands of tourists visit the area each year to enjoy outdoor activities such as the Ski to Sea Race, Bellingham Festival of Music, and the annual International Day of Peace.

Every Bellingham business can benefit from SEO services. Whether marketing to residents or tourists, SEO practices help expand online visibility and drive targeted traffic to websites and marketing campaigns.

Not so long ago, online marketing consisted primarily of a website. Today, business owners must integrate a variety of online marketing strategies to stay ahead of competitors. These can include blogs, digital newsletters, how-to videos, informative articles, audio podcasts, link building online, mobile marketing, and social media marketing.

Each type of marketing endeavor must be SEO optimized to maximize results. Unless business owners hire a team of employees skilled in Internet marketing practices it is impossible to capitalize on every available strategy.

When starting out with SEO marketing it is essential to become educated about each type of marketing strategy. Few companies can afford to implement everything at once, so it's smart to develop an online marketing plan that expands over the course of time.

The majority of Bellingham companies start with optimizing their current website or developing a new website. This in itself can be a major project as every item on websites must be devised using SEO strategies. Those who get it right can easily dominate their niche in the Bellingham market because there isn't as much competition as in surrounding areas such as Seattle and Tacoma.

Many Bellingham businesses are beginning to add online videos to marketing plans. Videos have exploded in the online world because of consumers need for instant gratification. Some business owners shy away from online video marketing for fear it is too costly.

However, modern technology makes it relatively easy to produce videos in-house. HD video cameras can be purchased for less than $150 and many of the newer models include built-in video editing software.

Another popular online marketing strategy is article marketing. This strategy provides opportunity for Bellingham businesses to become established as an industry expert. Articles are the perfect venue for building brand recognition and developing consumer trust.

Most companies hire freelance writers skilled in SEO and LSI practices to write articles on keywords related to their business. Articles are published via a variety of article directories and are an excellent way to engage in link building online.

Link building is an essential element of SEO marketing because it helps to boost search engine rankings. Several options are available for acquiring inbound links. Some of the more popular include blog commenting, social bookmarking, and social media marketing Bellingham Washington.

As you can see there are many facets to online marketing. Working with an SEO service company can minimize frustration and help Bellingham business owners develop powerful marketing plans to drive targeted traffic to their website and outrank competitors.

At Online Marketing DNA, we have developed proven systems geared toward the Bellingham market. We understand the needs and desires of residents and tourists and can help local companies connect with the community using SEO practices.

Our team is comprised of web designers, freelance copywriters, graphic designers, and Internet marketing specialists skilled in SEO techniques. We'd love to be your SEO service company in Bellingham Washington and invite you to browse our services to see what sets us apart from others. Afterward, contact us to discuss your online marketing needs and to reserve your spot.