Video Marketing

By Pat Smith

If you aren't using video marketing, you're missing out on enormous opportunities to generate sales. Publishing online videos is one of the fastest-growing marketing trends because of the potential to build your brand and develop a loyal following of customers.

Before starting with video marketing, take time to create a marketing plan. Determine the goals you want to achieve. Develop a publishing schedule. Decide the type of video you want to create. Figure out which images are best suited and where you can obtain legal images. Decide if you want to use background music and where to obtain legal copies.

If you plan to be in front of the video camera, you'll want to choose equipment best suited for your needs. Will a point-and-shoot camera with video capabilities provide the quality you need, or should you invest in a new HD camera with a zoom lens? Will you need to work with a videographer to shoot the footage? If so, who will you hire?

You should also consider the type of video editing software required. Most computers offer basic video editing software which satisfies the needs for Internet marketers just starting out. Several types of video software can be downloaded via the Internet or purchased at computer and camera stores.

It's important to use good audio software when creating marketing videos. You don't want to have background noise that muffles out your marketing message or includes a high-pitch buzz that drives listeners away.

Once the Internet marketing video is complete, the next step involves publishing the video. Most business owners publish online videos via their website or blog, along with video directories such as YouTube and Hulu.

It's a good idea to create a list of online video directories and conduct research to see which are best suited for your demographic market. There's no point in submitting online marketing videos to a directory that doesn't reach the type of customers who buy your product or service.

A good way to learn about video marketing strategies is to take a marketing training course.Good courses will cut to the chase to substantially reduce the time required to create, edit, publish, and market online videos.

It's smart to conduct market research to determine the viewing habits of your target market. If you create long videos, but your target market is known for watching short video clips, you'll be wasting marketing efforts.

Considerations should also include the subject matter. Video marketing is similar to producing TV shows. TV producers spend considerable time determining what their viewers want to watch. There are 5 primary categories that keep viewers attention including: news and weather, infomercials, sports, entertainment and comedy, and reality shows. Tying these categories into video marketing can help Internet marketers reach viewers and keep them coming back for more.

As you can see there are many considerations that must be given to create a dynamic video marketing campaign. At Online Marketing DNA we've spent the last few years engulfed in research to create a step-by-step plan to help web-based business owners create viral marketing campaigns through the use of videos.

Video marketing is an exciting arena that lets business owners tap into their creative juices and connect with customers on a personal level that builds confidence and trust. If you're ready to embark into the world of video marketing contact us today.

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Published on November 28, 2010

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