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By Pat Smith

Operating a small business is a rewarding experience, but also a lot of work. Owners are often required to wear many hats and become proficient in everything from bookkeeping to manufacturing.

One area that small business owners struggle with is obtaining sufficient funds for marketing. Anyone who has ever taken out an ad in a magazine or newspaper knows how costly print advertising is. Add in the cost of phone directory ads and it's easy to understand why most small companies don't receive the exposure they need

Thanks to technology, small businesses can engage in online marketing strategies that are not only affordable, but also effective. However, it is crucial to spend time learning about how each strategy works and the best ways to incorporate them into marketing plans.

While every business can benefit from marketing, the key to maximizing exposure while minimizing costs is to learn effective uses for online advertising. Most strategies can be implemented for minimal cost, but depending on company goals there are times when it is smarter to hire professionals.

Business owners with little experience with Internet marketing practices may find it helpful to consult with an online media marketing consultant, such as Online Marketing DNA. Professionals can review current marketing plans and business goals to determine which strategies will yield the greatest return on investment.

Every small business can benefit from having a website. This platform lets companies share information about owners and employees, product lines, and available services. Owners can incorporate e-Commerce which allows them to accept online orders.

Websites can be used to showcase other marketing efforts such as online videos, podcasts, newsletters, press releases, and articles. They are a great tool for use with link building online and lead generation.

Building a website is an involved process that requires the ability to provide SEO content. Those who use websites to sell products and services must become familiar with FTC regulations. Safety measures must be in place to protect customers' personal information.

Additionally, as more people use cell phones and handheld devices to access the Internet, it is advantageous to develop websites that are mobile-friendly. Learning how to code websites for ease of viewing on a variety of browsers, adhering to legal regulations and providing SEO-enriched content can be an overwhelming task.

Unless business owners or company employees have a degree in online marketing, it is best to leave the task of building websites to professionals. Doing so can ensure compliance while providing visitors with an easy-to-navigate website and helping companies to become indexed in search engines.

While small businesses are not required to have a website, this is a marketing tool few can afford to bypass. It is the foundation for linking all other online marketing campaigns.

Some of the most popular online advertising strategies include: online videos, podcasting, article marketing, link building online, and social media marketing. We present detailed information for each strategy in our online marketing blog.

At Online Marketing DNA, we specialize in helping small businesses harness the power of Internet marketing. Our customized marketing packages focus on specific needs of the business to help owners maximize return on investment and enhance online visibility.

We invite you to review our products and services. Since we work one-on-one with small business owners, availability is limited. If you're ready to launch your company to the next level, contact us today to discuss your marketing needs and reserve your space. We look forward to helping your company achieve the recognition it deserves.

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Published on April 14, 2011

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