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By Pat Smith

Did you know 'how to videos' are one of the most searched topics online. People use instructional videos for learning how to fix plumbing problems to installing solar panels or to learn a new language or how to cook.

Producing how to videos is an excellent online marketing strategy for nearly any business. It's an affordable way to provide valuable information while building brand awareness. The potential for uses is unlimited.

Companies using online videos for business promotion need to spend time learning how to create professional videos. The last thing you want to do is publish a low-quality, amateurish video. Invest time to learn techniques and avoid public humiliation. If it's not your strong point, hire someone to produce them.

Technology has made it easy to create quality videos. Newer digital and HD video cameras include editing tools and options to share videos via text, email, and social media outlets. Desktops and laptops usually include video editing software. If not, it's easy enough to find online.

You might find it helpful to enroll in a video production training course. Look for one that offers a full spectrum of techniques and covers lighting, sound quality, action shots, still shots, and editing.

If you have the money, consider hiring a video production company. A high-quality video can go viral overnight and become the next online sensation. At minimum, it should provide quality leads and improve sales. If it's good enough, it should generate sufficient income to cover production costs.

Many factors are involved with online video marketing. The first step should encompass market research. In order to produce successful videos, you need to know the wants and needs of the target market. Mega corporations spend millions to get inside the minds of customers. If you want your brand to be a household name, take time to learn desires of those you want to buy your product.

Next, create a marketing plan. Will the video be used as one-time instruction or in a series of how to videos? Where will they be published - on a website, blog, or video publishing platform such as YouTube? Or, perhaps your target market prefers to view videos via handheld devices?

Videos can be a powerful medium, so take time to carefully lay out plans. How to videos are well-received because they solve a problem. Those who learn how to provide easy-to-understand information have opportunity to gain a lifelong customer.

How to videos can be tied-in with most online marketing strategies. For example, a food website could create a Facebook business page and share a recipe with subscribers. The recipe could include a link to a video showing how to prepare the meal. The video could include a link back to the recipe or Facebook fan page, along with 'share' button that lets viewers publish the link on their personal Facebook page or Twitter account. Combining strategies yields greater exposure and is a good form of link building online.

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Published on April 08, 2011

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