SEO Service in Bellingham Washington

By Pat Smith

If you think hiring an SEO service Bellingham Washington provider is an unnecessary expense you could be setting your company up for failure. While Bellingham isn't as expansive as nearby Seattle, this market still presents stiff competition. Companies that sit on the sidelines will likely lose business to competitors.

An SEO service Bellingham Washington provider offers local companies opportunity to expand brand awareness and increase sales revenue. SEO marketing is a challenging process that involves integrating a variety of ad campaigns. Few people are capable of capitalizing on every available strategy without help from professionals.

Bellingham SEO companies can help locals who are just starting up or well-established. They can design websites and blogs or review the ones already in place. SEO marketing consultants can help owners determine which strategies are best suited for their demographic market. They can develop a strategic marketing management system to implement campaigns and track results

If your marketing team is capable of web design, online video production, podcasting, article marketing, lead generation, mobile marketing, social media marketing, and local search Bellingham Washington you probably don't need an SEO service company. If not, it's a service you shouldn't pass up.

Developing SEO ad campaigns is a time-consuming task. Content needs to be coded to provide information to search providers. Search engine optimization code tells search engines what the content is about so it can be indexed. Without this code, content can't be properly indexed; making ad campaigns worthless.

Did you know that nearly 90-percent of consumers find Bellingham business via online searches? If you haven't developed a solid online presence, those customers will be sent to competitors.

Bellingham business owners have advantage over companies conducting business in more populated cities. Since local companies aren't competing with hundreds of other businesses it is easier to dominate their niche within the Bellingham community. However, every online marketing strategy must be optimized to maximize results.

There are countless factors involved with SEO marketing. Not only must each element be optimized, they must also be connected using link building online strategies. Everything you do online should be linked to the company website for each specific keyword.

For example, a Bellingham dog groomer would develop a website to present an overview of available services, sell products, and schedule appointments. The marketing team could produce a how-to video offering instructions on bathing dogs at home. Perhaps it is a comical video showing a dog that is hard to restrain or splashing water all over the place.

The video could be published on the groomer's website, uploaded to video publishing directories such as YouTube, and shared via social media marketing venues such as Facebook and Twitter.

Next, the groomer would publish an article providing written directions for how to bathe a dog at home. They could link the article to the video and provide an inbound link to their website. Developing a solid network of inbound links builds credibility with search providers and helps to improve search ranks.

Finally, the groomer would publish company information via local search Bellingham Washington directories. Here they could include a special offer or discount coupon to new customers, upload the dog bathing video, and provide a link to their website.

These are just a few online marketing strategies. Each could be a fulltime job that requires Bellingham owners to hire and train a marketing team. Mastering SEO practices can take years. If you don't want to wait until employees are trained it's better to work with an SEO service company such as Online Marketing DNA.

We are a full-service SEO company with offices located in Bellingham. We understand the needs of this market and are familiar with the region. Our team is comprised of SEO specialists with over 30 years of combined experience.

Our online marketing packages are custom designed to suit the needs and budgets of our clients. We currently have a few openings for our SEO service Bellingham Washington packages. We invite you to review our services and contact us to schedule a consultation before your competitors do.

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Published on June 30, 2011

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