Social Video Marketing

By Pat Smith

Business owners who take advantage of social video marketing can create a tremendous amount of brand buzz as long as videos are high quality and enjoyable to watch. Learning how to produce video ads and promote them in social networks can help owners generate viral ad campaigns that are viewed around the world.

Social video marketing is a fun and exciting way to get people talking about your brand. While you don't need to be a professional videographer it's important to produce quality videos that viewers enjoy and want to share.

When people share videos within their social circle there is higher probability they will be viewed. People are more likely to watch something a friend or relative posts on their Facebook page or shares via Twitter than if the ad comes directly from the company selling products or services.

The exception to the rule is when people subscribe to the company's social networks. In this case, people are more receptive to receiving advertisements because they are interested in the brand.

Producing entertaining videos that people want to share requires careful thought and extensive planning. Owners will first need to determine if they will produce videos in-house or hire a video production company.

Although hiring professionals is more costly than in-house production the end result often generates enough revenue to cover the expense. One option for reducing costs is to outsource projects to local colleges or trade schools.

Next, owners need to determine their video marketing approach. Will the video be an infomercial or a 60 second commercial? Will it include actors or utilize a slideshow format? Will the production be serious or comical?

Another consideration is if the video will be interactive. Advanced technology makes it easy to add elements that viewers can click on to engage in the experience. Market research shows that people are more likely to watch an entire video if they are able to interact, so this feature is worth exploring.

A few of the more popular sources for generating clickable video include Actio Editor, Overlay.TV, VideoClix.TV, and Veeple.

While it is important to produce quality videos, it's even more vital to produce videos that people want to see and are eager to share. Getting a video to go viral requires a good deal of promotional efforts through social marketing.

Owners will need to establish a strategic marketing plan and follow through on efforts. This might include promotions through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogging, and including video clips in newsletters.

The great thing about video advertisements is the content can be converted into other forms of online marketing content. The script could be used to create an informative article, blog post, or audio podcast. This type of content can include links to the published video which aids in link building. Click here to watch our link building tips video.

Although social video marketing can provide a big boost in targeted traffic, it is only one piece of the Internet marketing pie. Multiple strategies need to be in place to dominate search rankings and earn recognition as an industry expert.

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We do not offer get-rich-quick schemes. Instead, we work with clients to develop a solid foundation and implement proven strategies that get positive results. If you're ready to launch your online business to new heights then click here to contact us.

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Published on January 10, 2013

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