Social Media Marketing

By Pat Smith

Social media marketing has revolutionized the way businesses can interact with customers. Today, companies have access to impressive business promotion tools that can launch their business to the next level overnight.

With that being said social media marketing demands commitment to the task at hand. Social networking isn't just about setting up a Twitter account and Facebook business page. It's about developing relationships by interacting with customers in a friendly and familiar forum.

Certainly, Facebook and Twitter are at the forefront of social media, but there are countless niche networking circles. Whether you operate a local restaurant or a Fortune 500 company, social marketing is the way to get the word out without depleting your marketing budget.

It's advantageous to spend time researching the different social networking groups. Find groups that not only appeal to the masses, but also niches associated with your brand. Select 5 or 6 popular groups and spend time learning the ropes.

An extremely important aspect of social media marketing is approach. While brand name manufacturers won't have a hard time gaining recognition small and local businesses will need to spend time cultivating relationships.

Instead of launching online marketing campaigns through networking groups, offer special incentives. Nearly every company that develops a Facebook page offers some sort of incentive for 'Liking' the page. This is usually in the form of a discount coupon or free gift with the first order.

It's vital to build strong relationships so that fans will eagerly promote your company. A primary role of social media marketing is to increase word-of-mouth advertising. Everyone knows that direct referrals from friends and family are more valuable than any flashy ad campaign.

Once a fan base is developed, companies can promote all sorts of advertising campaigns. Whether you want to share how to videos promoting your newest product or invite people to download an informative podcast, social media is the place to go.

Nearly all social media outlets provide multiple options for content sharing. Companies that create an ad campaign that people like are often overwhelmed with how quickly word travels.

Many success stories have arisen from social media marketing. As everyone knows there is power in numbers. Developing a strong online presence in networking groups can help companies achieve their goals faster than most any other type of advertising.

A lot of companies find it beneficial to enroll their marketing team in a marketing training course geared toward social networking. It's vital to have all team members on the same page and have complete understanding of online etiquette and promotion techniques.

Others prefer to retain the services of a social media marketing consultant. Much depends on the level of participation and the amount of time that can be dedicated to the task. Regardless of how the training is received, it's essential to develop a strategic marketing plan to maximize results.

Heading into social media marketing without training can be a fatal mistake. Business owners often fail to recognize the power of the Internet. Just as great ad campaigns can launch a business to new heights, poor ad campaigns can sink the ship.

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Published on July 26, 2011

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