Online Marketing Management

By Pat Smith

Online marketing management is a vital element for any Internet business. Establishing a plan helps company owners determine which online marketing strategies are most appropriate for their business model and allows for easy tracking of return on investment for each type of campaign.

Setting up an online marketing management system makes it much easier to develop ad campaigns far in advance. Doing so assures companies have adequate time to prepare and launch campaigns for new products and holiday sales, as well as develop campaigns that can be interconnected with one another.

Online marketing consists of a variety of techniques. For most, business websites are the foundation for showcasing products and services. All other marketing endeavors generally point back to the website URL.

Some advertising campaigns are published on websites, while others are circulated through other channels such as video directories, article directories, and Classified or banner ads hosted on other business websites.

Companies that produce online videos can publish them via their website, blog, video directories, and through social media marketing. Advertising videos provide directives as to where to buy the product being advertised by including a link to the website throughout the video.

Companies could transform the video into an audio podcast or article. This provides opportunity to reuse content in a different medium. Podcasts and articles could promote the product advertising video by including a web address where the video can be viewed online.

Keeping track of where each ad campaign is published and how well it performs can be a daunting task without some sort of online marketing management system in place. Additionally, establishing a system can help reduce marketing costs and help companies meet their advertising deadlines.

The majority of businesses do not have unlimited marketing budgets, so it is vital to keep tabs on how well online marketing endeavors perform. A lot of business owners find it helpful to work with an online media marketing consultant to setup their management system.

Another option is to enroll in an Internet marketing training course. This type of training can help business owners review the pros and cons of various online marketing strategies and provide guidance for interweaving multiple ad campaigns.

Learning the ins and outs of Internet marketing is an exhaustive process than can take months to master. In addition to developing a search engine optimized website, companies must prepare to embrace multiple online marketing strategies including online videos, podcasts, articles, link building, lead generation, local search, and social media marketing.

As you can see, online marketing can be a tremendous undertaking that requires a highly trained marketing staff. Companies that do not have sufficient manpower or the desire to learn about each type of online marketing strategy may find it advantageous to turn over marketing tasks to an online marketing company such as Online Marketing DNA.

OMDNA offers a unique approach to online marketing. We custom design marketing packages to suit the needs of clients and work closely with them to ensure they achieve results.

At present, we have a few remaining spots in our one-year program. This intensive program is suited for companies that are ready to fully embrace Internet marketing practices and establish a solid online marketing management system that will serve them well for years to come. We encourage you to review our services and contact us quickly to reserve your spot.

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Published on August 11, 2011

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