Cross Platform Channel Marketing

By Pat Smith

Cross platform marketing is the latest buzzword surrounding online advertising methods. Not so long ago, companies could develop brand recognition and generate sales revenue by means of a website. Today, companies need to embrace a variety of marketing strategies and interconnect each method.

To succeed with cross platform marketing strategies requires careful planning and constant tracking of performance results. Most business owners find it beneficial to work with a marketing consultant or hand over projects to a experienced cross channel marketing agency.

Online media marketing consultants can assess current marketing plans and provide guidance regarding which online marketing strategies will provide the best results. Marketing agencies can do the same, but can also create all types of ad campaigns and track results to calculate return on investment.

Learning how to obtain the right balance of traditional marketing methods and Web marketing can be tricky. Even harder, is learning how to format content in various ways so that it can be delivered using the correct medium.

For example, websites need to be formatted for viewing on multiple browsers and mobile devices. Approximately 5 billion people have cell phone subscriptions. About half of those people use mobile phones, iPads, and tablets to access the Web.

It is estimated that within the next year, nearly 80 percent of cell phone subscribers will access the Web using a mobile device. Companies that don't optimize their website for mobile viewing will lose customers to competitors that have optimized theirs.

Furthermore, companies can deliver a variety of ads to mobile phones. These can include ring tones, wallpaper, online videos, audio podcasts, digital newsletters, webinars, discount coupons, and social media marketing.

Social marketing has exploded and provide businesses with a multitude of options for reaching consumers. From creating Facebook and Google plus business pages and Twitter accounts to developing Pinterest boards and uploading online videos to YouTube or Vimeo.

Social marketing promotions can build upon one another and link campaigns together. In addition to providing a 'social' environment for interacting with consumers, social media marketing is a good link building online tool.

Link building is an invaluable method that helps to broaden online presence by boosting search engine placement. While there are many factors involved to achieve top ten positions, one of the more important is developing a high level of quality inbound links.

Link building can be accomplished through social media, blogging, anchor text links positioned in website and blog content, blog commenting, article marketing, podcast marketing, and online video marketing just to name a few.

Companies don't need to integrate every online marketing strategy at once, but should develop a strategic marketing management system to figure out which methods are best suited and will provide the results they desire.

Every company that engages in Internet marketing requires a website. This venue is used to cross promote all other types of online advertising. It can be connected to blogs, social media platforms, videos, podcasts, digital newsletters, and mobile marketing.

Few companies are capable of embracing all forms of online marketing without help from professionals. Each task can be a fulltime job and requires constantly developing new campaigns that are interconnected.

Online Marketing DNA has developed a proven system that lets business owners take advantage of cross platform marketing channel strategies without the headaches, stress, time, and money often associated with trying to tackle this task in-house.

We help entrepreneurs and small business owners learn how to tap into the power of online marketing by developing a series of channel campaigns that can be promoted in a variety of digital formats.

If you're ready to integrate cross platform marketing and take your business to the next level, we encourage you to contact us today to learn about our all-inclusive online marketing system.

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Published on December 20, 2011

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