Social Media Marketing Bellingham Washington

By Pat Smith

Social media marketing Bellingham Washington is a great way for entrepreneurs to corporations to connect with the community. Social media is all about building relationships through interactive communication. This marketing venue offers endless opportunities for building customer relations and brand recognition.

Social media marketing Bellingham Washington is a wise advertising method due to the dense population of college students, activist groups, and business owners. Students are particularly savvy with social marketing, but many companies are utilizing this venue to expand awareness and engage in product promotions.

Not only is social media marketing affordable it is highly effective as long as it's done properly. There are multiple ways to embrace this interactive venue. Some of the more popular choices include developing Facebook business pages and Twitter accounts, but there is much more to social marketing than this.

This advertising platform can be used to broadcast nearly every conceivable marketing concept. Bellingham business owners can promote online videos, podcasts, newsletters, sale announcements, press releases, new products or services, and newly published blog posts or articles.

Company blogs are a great way to engage in social media marketing. Most blogging platforms allow visitors to publish comments. Not only can business owners obtain feedback from visitors they can also post comments on like-minded blogs. This is known as link building online and is a good way to boost search engine rankings.

Another popular form of social marketing is local listings. Companies list their business via local listing directories such as Google Places and Visitors can obtain driving directions, GPS coordinates, business phone number, and website address.

One nice feature of local listings is customers can provide written reviews. This can be highly beneficial when reviews are favorable. However, it can be detrimental when reviews are negative. Therefore, Bellingham businesses that utilize local listings should develop a strategic marketing plan to stay abreast of customer reviews and track information presented online.

Speaking of marketing plans, it is essential for every business to develop an online marketing plan in order to fully capitalize on each strategy. There are so many aspects of social marketing that it is impossible to engage in every method and track all results without a solid plan in place.

Due to the expansiveness of online marketing strategies many business owners find it helpful to work with an advertising agency or marketing consultant. Working with professionals can ease the burdens of learning each available technique, how it works, how to implement it, and how to track results.

Bellingham Washington companies that effectively embrace social media marketing can reap enormous benefits. However, entering into social marketing is not easy. Those who choose to fly solo should at least enroll in a marketing training course. Doing so will save time, money, and frustration.

At Online Marketing DNA we help Bellingham business owners that want to capture the full realm of social media marketing. Our experience in this Northwest Washington market allows us to understand required marketing techniques.

We offer customized marketing packages to suit the needs of small business, Internet business, corporations, and Fortune 500 companies. OMDNA works closely with every client to ensure they achieve their marketing goals.

Due to the intimate nature of our business we can only work with a limited number of clients at a time. We invite you to learn more about social media marketing Bellingham Washington and the marketing packages offered. If you believe we are a good fit for your business model, give us a call to discuss your marketing needs. But hurry because spots are filling up quickly!

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Published on April 23, 2011

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