Social Media Marketing Orange County California

By Pat Smith

Social media marketing Orange County California is one of the most affordable and powerful strategies for building customer relationships. Not only can SoCal businesses reach out to the community, social marketing can also improve online visibility.

Those new to social media marketing Orange County California may find it advantageous to consult with a social media marketing consultant. This venue is far-reaching and offers endless opportunities to market products and services.

To fully capitalize on this technique requires careful planning and development of a strategic marketing management plan. Attempting to engage in social marketing without a plan will result in confusion, frustration, and potential failure, so take time to understand how to harness the power of this online marketing strategy.

Most people instantly think of Facebook when discussing social media marketing. While Facebook is a powerful venue, it is only a small piece of the pie. Social marketing encompasses many strategies ranging from social bookmarking and publishing comments on like-minded blogs and websites to link building online and local search directories.

The beautiful thing about social media marketing is the opportunity to promote all types of marketing endeavors while enhancing customer and business relations. Joining forces with like-minded L.A. based businesses is a great way to stretch marketing dollars.

In today's economy it is essential to maximize advertising results. This can be accomplished through co-op marketing and joint ventures. Partnerships are more easily formed when SoCal businesses take time to develop relationships with companies offering products and services that complement one another.

One way to locate local businesses is through local search directories. Not only can Los Angeles businesses search for potential partnerships they can publish company information via directories.

Local search Orange County California is essential for helping customers locate businesses. These directories allow companies to provide contact information, physical location, driving directions, GPS coordinates, and offer visitors special discounts.

Local search directories are also a good source for link building online, so companies should plan on publishing at as many directories as possible. It is not uncommon for Orange County business owners to stop short by only publishing to major directories such as Google Places and Yahoo Local. However, companies who publish at major and niche directories can the potential to boost search engine rankings by obtaining numerous inbound links.

Another great feature of local listing directories is most encourage customers to publish reviews. It's important to develop a tracking plan to watch over the types of reviews being published. While favorable reviews are always welcome, negative reviews can be detrimental.

There are times when disgruntled employees or hard-to-please customers leave reviews that are untruthful. Implementing tracking strategies can minimize negative impact, as business owners can request removal or respond to verbal attacks.

An unfortunate aspect of social media marketing is it opens doors for attacks, so it's important to plan ahead. Not only are SoCal businesses exposed to potential for negative reviews, but also for having content stolen or local listings hijacked.

Fortunately, there are solutions for damage control which can range from implementing internal controls and subscribing to online protection services or hiring an online marketing company or purchasing a reputation management package such as Location Monitor.

Overall, social media marketing provides considerably more positive than negative and is worth the time and effort. Those who want to capitalize with social marketing, but don't have time, manpower, or necessary skills will find it helpful to outsource projects to an agency experienced with social marketing strategies.

At Online Marketing DNA we help Orange County businesses learn how to effectively implement social media marketing. We also offer SEO web design, online video marketing, podcast marketing, lead generation, online marketing, local listings, and business coaching packages.

We'd love to help you incorporate social media marketing Orange County California into your business. Feel free to browse our offerings or contact us to discuss your online marketing needs.
We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

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Published on May 01, 2011

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